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Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Try

quick healthy breakfast ideas

Did you know that there are a few quick healthy breakfast ideas to keep you on the go? Forget the microwave, eat in! For the most part, eating in instead of cooking means preparing food at home and then cooking it while in the car or sitting down to a meal at a restaurant. It can be very easy and enjoyable as long as you know what ingredients and how to make them. Here are a few simple breakfast ideas to get you started.

I like to start my day with a bowl of cereal. If you are having trouble adjusting to grains or sugar, try switching to rice cereal. If you have trouble getting used to a wheat muffin, try making your own gluten free pancakes. The key is to keep your breakfast full longer so that you have time to taste all of your ingredients and enjoy a little bit of sweet success. Sprinkling some yogurt or cottage cheese on top can add an extra bit of sweetness, too.

An Overview

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Chia Seeds is another great breakfast choice that will keep you full and sweet for a longer period of time. Try using chia seeds instead of sugar in your quinoa and make an amazing quinoa breakfast that you can take with you everywhere. If you feel like a quinoa salad, why not make a variation of the traditional side dish with quinoa instead of spinach? Your kids will love them and you will enjoy the convenience of keeping a can of quinoa at your house.

A quick healthy breakfast idea that has become quite popular over the last several years is egg substitutes. If you don’t like the taste of an egg but enjoy a scramble made with eggs instead, there are many different recipes that you can try. For starters, there is cheddar cheese on toast or French toast and then eggs again with sauteed veggies or mushrooms. For an added kick, you can make a creamy avocado salsa for your eggs that will have everyone running back for seconds. There is even Egg Free Muffins that you can make in your Instant Pot to enjoy the goodness of eggs yet stay away from the calories.

Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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As far as breakfast is concerned, there are so many options out there that you are never going to be bored. One of the best breakfasts that you can enjoy is an oatmeal and maple syrup on whole-wheat bread with a little bit of butter. The only problem with this type of healthy breakfast is that you need to be sure that you have an apple for the maple syrup. Refined sugar will negate the nutritional benefits of the oatmeal and will leave you hungry again before the day is done.

If you want to enjoy an amazing healthy breakfast but don’t have time for a sit down meal, you can always make ahead breakfast items that you can take along. For example, you can take a frozen fruit bar and make a breakfast sandwich that way you are guaranteed to get the fiber and vitamins you need to start the day right. Another great quick healthy breakfast idea is to take a yogurt and granola bars to work or to school. These types of healthy breakfast bars are packed with calcium, which helps to ward off the affects of not getting enough of these important minerals in your diet. You can also carry an extra protein drink with you to help you get through the morning.

If you would prefer not to make any breakfast in your Instant Pot, you can always look into some quick oatmeal and fresh fruit. You can either add these items to a quinoa breakfast scramble or a healthy granola cereal for a filling breakfast that is filled with nutrients. Quinoa is a great source of proteins and has a slightly sweeter taste than other popular oatmeal grains. Both of these healthy cereals are good for you and fill you up.

In The End

Chia seeds and yogurt are two healthy snacks that you can carry with you to your morning meal. While they may not seem like much when you are not in a hurry, these little guys can pack quite a wallop if you choose to eat them on a regular basis. Chia seeds are high in omega fatty acids, which are crucial to your health. They also help to improve digestion and have a high nutrient content, making them a perfect snack food that you can eat over a longer period of time. Chia seeds and yogurt provide a nice balance of carbohydrates and protein, which means that you get the bulk of your nutrition without feeling hungry throughout the day.

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