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Making Healthy Fruit Salads

healthy fruit salad

This is an extremely versatile side dish that can be served at any time of the day. One of the best things about fruit salad is that it can be prepared in different ways depending on what kind of fruit you are using. You can add just about anything into this kind of a recipe, so even if you just want to have it for breakfast or a snack, you can do so. You will enjoy the taste and the simplicity of it all.

There are many different ways to prepare fruit salads. The most traditional way to make a fruit salad is to mix several kinds of fruit in a bowl and mix them together. In most cases, this mixture will consist of bananas, apples, cantaloupes and grapes. It’s really up to you which way you choose to go. It’s nice to experiment and see which combinations of fruits you like the best. You may even decide to make your own version of this salad and take it beyond the conventional boundaries.

One very simple and healthy fruit salad you can make is called the grape cherry tomato salad. You will combine half a pound of tomatoes with a quarter pound of grapes and one small bunch of fresh basil. Make sure to remove the seeds from the tomatoes before adding them to the mixture. You will add the mixture to your salad (along with the chopped fruit) and enjoy this tasty dish. It’s easy to make and it tastes great.

A fruit salad made with other wholesome fruits is also something that everyone should try. If you have a sweet tooth but not much else, adding some cherries or strawberries to a fruit salad will leave you satisfied and will help you lose some weight. Another healthy choice would be grapes or raisins. These fruits are good for you and are easy to prepare. You can serve this type of fruit salad with pasta as a snack or on its own.

A healthy fruit salad will taste great when you pair it with fresh cut vegetables. When making this kind of salad, use whatever vegetables you like but make sure they are not frozen. This type of fruit salad goes well with zucchini, celery, radishes, cucumber, broccoli and asparagus. Try making a recipe with applesauce for a delicious treat that is both fresh and delicious.

Salads that are rich in the nutritional value and contain fresh fruit will help you stay feeling good about what you are eating. One way you can do this is by making healthy fruit salads for lunch or dinner. You can make a healthy salad for a special occasion or just as a regular meal that you will love. Fruit salads can be served as a dessert after the main course or as a healthy snack. You can make fruit salads that taste great and help you lose weight.

Last Words

A slice of fresh fruit and vegetables

You don’t need a lot of time to make healthy fruit salads. All you need is a bowl of mixed greens, some chopped fruit and some dressings to sprinkle on top. If you don’t like the smell of an apple you could add celery, carrots, radishes or other sweet vegetables. Add some crunchy nuts like walnuts or almonds and some chopped low-fat yogurt for a tasty, healthy snack that will keep you coming back for more. Make it for lunch or dinner and you can get all the nutrients and antioxidants you need in one sitting.

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