How to Make Your Own Healthy Tuna Salad -

How to Make Your Own Healthy Tuna Salad

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Is tuna salad healthy to consume? It’s one of those salad concoctions that you either love or hate. Traditionally, tuna is laden with fatty, high-calorie toppings, which typically add more fat and calories to a dish, without any actual health benefits to be had. There are healthier alternatives for mayonnaise such as Greek yogurt and avocado, which prove to be beneficial in their own right. In this article, we will explore the positive, nutritional, and dietary benefits of eating healthy tuna salad.

Before we get into the specific benefits of consuming healthy tuna salad, let’s first establish the base of the healthy recipe. The ingredients that go into the recipe are cucumber, tomatoes, red bell pepper, and any other choices you like. Typically, lettuce is not included in the salad, but if you wish to include it, then use sparingly, such as half of a cup. The goal is to have a light dressing that is made up primarily of vegetables and lean protein. Canned tuna is often used in place of fresh tuna since canned tuna is already waterlogged and loses much of its value compared to fresh.

Healthy Tuna Salad

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One of the most common side-effects of eating a lot of sugary foods is fatigue, and this is perfectly achieved with the use of this healthy tuna salad. Because of the heavy toppings, it’s easy to feel as though you’re going to need to sit down and drain your stomach of all the food you have eaten for the day. To help alleviate this feeling, add a handful of granola bars or dried fruit to each serving. You can also top each serving with a squeeze of lemon juice, but be sure it is a natural lemon juice, as canned juices tend to be high in sodium.

A key ingredient to this healthy tuna salad recipe is cucumber, which provides a nice tangy twist to the bland ingredients. In fact, one of the only things you may notice in the recipe is that there is very little taste of fish in it at all. This is simply because the other ingredients and the cucumber disguise any lack of taste, allowing you to enjoy this light dish guilt-free. Pair this with some tomato and basil pesto and you will have a delicious meal that is both healthy and great tasting.

Another ingredient to this recipe that helps to bring out the flavor is the use of fresh bell pepper. Bell pepper is a staple of Latin cuisine, and this is no different. Not only does it help to make this healthy tuna salad recipe taste so good, but it also has a number of health benefits as well. For starters, bell peppers contain a large number of antioxidants, which help to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. This powerful antioxidant also helps to eliminate toxins from your body.

A Much Ado

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Along with bell pepper and cucumbers, another ingredient that makes this tuna dish taste so great is mayo, which is a combination of Tahitian and Italian breading. If you don’t happen to like mayo as an ingredient, don’t fret because you may still be able to make your tuna casserole taste great by using the flavor of the tuna in other ways. You may want to replace the Mayo with a teaspoon or two of yogurt, which has been added just before you prepare the tuna salad recipe. Another thing you may want to do is to replace the tomato sauce with a ranch dressing and pepper to make it taste even better. These easy substitutions will make this healthy tuna casserole recipe taste just like the real thing.

Toppings for this healthy tuna salad sandwich include fresh veggies like lettuce, sliced cucumber, mushrooms, and Baby tomatoes. The use of these healthy ingredients helps to enhance the flavor of the tuna salad while adding more nutrients to your diet. The addition of fresh veggies and mushroom slices also helps to make your tuna salad more appealing and delicious. Although using mayo is optional, it is strongly recommended that you do use it to enhance the taste of your meal.

Bottom Line

One of the key factors to making this healthy tuna salad work for you is to serve it on toasted bread. The toasted bread gives it a nice, warm flavor, helping to enhance the overall taste of your lunch. Gourmet bread such as the artisan bread from Beechert can be used if you don’t have any gourmet bread available. To achieve the toasted bread effect, simply place half a tablespoon of gourmet bread crumbs on each piece of toasted bread. Using gourmet bread instead of regular bread will also give you the option of incorporating different flavors to enhance the overall taste of your meal.

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