Healthy Summer Salad Recipes For The Average Guy - Healthy Summer Salad Recipes For The Average Guy -

Healthy Summer Salad Recipes For The Average Guy

healthy summer salad recipes

Here’s a healthy summer salad made by happy families from all the fresh vegetables grown at home each year. These six simple ingredients blended together are loaded with vitamins, fiber, and essential nutrients to help you shed pounds, build your muscle mass, and give you beautiful glowing skin. It only takes about five minutes to make this salad. To top it off, it freezes well so you always have it on hand. No frozen salads for summer.

Start with onions, carrots and cucumbers. Chop them up coarsely. Add salt and pepper to taste. Then remove seeds and the leaves of any green or red pepper that you choose. Slice the peppers and onions very thinly. Then add any desired amount of either sea salt or sweet chili peppers, and let sit while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.


A close up of a bowl of fruit

Tomatoes are the most important ingredient in this recipe. Tomatoes are loaded with lycopene, which is an essential antioxidant found in fruits like strawberry, cherry and black, and tomatoes are a great source of resveratrol. Both the purple and red varieties are good but keep in mind that the longer they’re cooked the more lycopene they will have.

Bell peppers and tomato paste is great to put in your salads also. Put the bell peppers and tomato paste right into your garden. Tomatoes don’t like being exposed to direct sunlight so try to keep your summer veggies out of direct sunlight or try growing them inside the house where the sun can be provided for. Another easy way to make your healthy summer salad extra healthy is to add baby tomatoes, trimmed and washed then rinsed before cooking. When rinsing the vegetables, drain the water rather than the liquid as the more water the better.

A Layer Of Fresh Shredded Lettuce Leaves

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Speaking of water, remember to drain out as much as possible before cooking. Add some sea salt to the water if need be. Then drizzle on some olive oil or coconut oil and spread it all over the veggies. After that, top with a layer of fresh shredded lettuce leaves and any other green vegetables you want. Now here’s how you can make your sweet peppers extra sweet by adding some fresh chopped tomatoes to the mix.

It’s believed that eating lots of raw tomatoes is good for your health. So it makes sense to include plenty of them in your salads. The truth is, processed tomatoes contain a lot of additives and chemicals that Leach into the food and are bad for your health. If you want to avoid chemicals like these in your food, buy tomatoes without the skin and cut them yourself.

Don’t Overdo It

As for the cucumbers, they’re absolutely delicious when they’re raw, but a lot of times they’re overcooked. Just be sure to rinse them well after cooking and use sparingly – don’t overdo it. In fact, some people say that about half a cup of raw tomatoes should be enough to provide just enough of the vegetable for each person at their picnic. That’s about how much of each vegetable you need for two people, depending on how many of those veggies you think will be there.


For a healthy summer salad, substitute the mayonnaise for a high-quality mayonnaise made from real egg yolks. It has a very rich flavor and a unique texture. Instead of using the spoonful, use a smaller amount and dollop it onto your salad. That way, you get the taste of the pasta but cut the fat.

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