Healthy Soups to Make in Your Crock Pot -

Healthy Soups to Make in Your Crock Pot

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Healthy Soups to Make and Enjoy is the ultimate way to get your kids to eat vegetables. They are so much fun to make. It can be an easy recipe that involves using some beef broth, carrots, celery stalks, and a handful of potatoes or yams. Add some chopped apples, and you have a delectable apple-candy combination that is both nutritious and delicious. Serve warm, and you have warm soup!

When I was in my teens, I remember going to the drive-through with my grandmother and having a big bowl of this delicious chicken soup recipe that my mom had baked that morning. Since that day, we have made several more healthy soups, including a beef and broccoli soup recipe, a beef and Swiss soup recipe, and a beef stew with mushrooms and asparagus. We also love to make a delicious soup with a chicken stock called “chicken soup for dinner.” The kids often request healthy soups like these for school, so my wife makes a wonderful chicken soup every week.

Always Use Quality Slow Cooker For Making Soups

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It’s essential to use a quality slow cooker when making any of these healthy soups because it allows you to control the heat of the cooking process. You can always add water or broth to make it thicker and more soupy soup if desired. If you’re not a big fan of broth, simply use a small amount of milk and water to make a nice thick soup-as we mentioned above. The nutritional info on the back of the container will let you know exactly how much liquid you need to take in to make the recipe work.

Have A Look At The Nutritional Info

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When buying the healthy soups, you want to make, keep in mind that the nutritional info is listed on the back of the container. It will also list the serving size. Keep that in mind when shopping because sometimes the serving sizes are smaller than the listed serving size. (But if you cook these soups often, you probably won’t notice.)

The Best Cooking Oils For Vegetable-Based Soups

For vegetable-based soups, you can either use reduced-fat or non-fat reduced fat cooking oils for cooking your vegetables and then add some sea salt and fresh garlic. If you are more adventurous, you can even add some spinach. There are many recipes online. One that has excellent results is a spinach soup with kale. You simply saute some kale and add some water and let it simmer. You can puree the soup or just stir in whatever you enjoy best.

Final Thoughts

Other easy-to-make soup ideas include beef, pork, and vegetable. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can create healthy and interesting soup recipes that are quick and healthy. Try cooking a small amount of soup in a large pot of water and adding herbs, spices, or anything else you would like to make your soup extra delicious. The same basic principles are still true, but with a bit more variety in ingredients, you will be sure to have a soup you love to take with you and enjoy when you get home from work.

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