Healthy Pasta Salad Made Easy -

Healthy Pasta Salad Made Easy

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Do you need to know how to make a healthy pasta salad? You definitely need to know, if you’re anything like me. I don’t get any salads at all, so when I was asked, I thought, why would I want one. But, when I went to prepare one for dinner that evening, I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I thought I should.

This healthy pasta salad is made by using only ingredients that are good for you. All the ingredients have been prepared beforehand, and mixed together with a little oil. When I started to make this, I didn’t really know how to go about preparing the ingredients. Usually, when I make a pasta dish, I’ll just combine all the ingredients in my pan and throw them in the pan together with a little oil. When I went to rinse pasta for a final cold pasta clean up, I was surprised to find out that I didn’t need to rinse much at all!

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First, I cut the drained spaghetti noodles into long pieces, about one inch thick. Then, I threw these long pieces into a large bowl. Next, I added two cups of tomato sauce, one tablespoon of Italian dressing, two sticks of Italian cheese, and two cups of dry yellow pasta. I also mixed two tablespoons of dry white wine into the tomato sauce. I stirred this together until the wine had dissolved completely.

Next, I cut up another four cups of spaghetti noodles. I used baby tomatoes, because I didn’t want the tomato juice to be on my veggies. I tossed these bite size pieces into the bowl with the healthy pasta salad recipe. I then added about two tablespoons of Italian dressing and two more tablespoons of the white wine vinegar.

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The result was the tastiest and healthiest meal I’ve ever had. The vegetables were fresh, the Italian dressing was delicious, and the Italian pasta salad chicken salad was a huge success! Of course, you can always use leftover pasta to make a healthy version of this recipe. You can also use leftover cooked meat to make a fantastic meal as well. Another idea is to take a slice of ham and combine it with your favorite veggies. This is yet another healthy pasta recipe that has both taste and good health.

If you cook enough pasta salads at a regular basis, you will eventually develop your own favorite flavors of pasta salads. I love to mix different types of tomatoes and different colors of peppers. If you have a strong tomato flavor, add some onions and bell pepper to that mixture. If you enjoy garlic flavor, add some scallions or fresh chopped parsley to that mix. These are just a few ideas that you can try and create your own great tasting combinations for your potluck or summer events.

If you prefer a cold pasta salad, you can make one using frozen broccoli and spinach. You can also use any other color or variety of fresh vegetables that you love and pair them with your choice of cheese, meats, or cheeses. You can add any type of nuts to the mixture as well. You can make this healthy pasta salad in less than 30 minutes using this easy recipe.

If you like pasta but you don’t really care for the taste, you still can create a delicious pasta salad for Summer events. You can use your imagination to come up with new ways to incorporate all of your vegetables and fruits. You might want to consider using whole wheat pasta and using shredded sharp cheddar cheese in place of fat. You can also substitute vegetable noodles such as elbow noodles or long noodle Chinese noodles. Whatever type of noodle you choose, adding it to your pasta will give it a different flavor and help make it healthy too!

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