Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich - How to Make Your Own Eggs Egg Salad -

Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich – How to Make Your Own Eggs Egg Salad

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The healthy egg salad is a quick and easy to prepare recipe that is usually served at a breakfast or brunch party. This quick and easy fix is typically high in calories and fat, so it’s good to be aware of these side effects before you head out to make one at home. The most common components in this delicious recipe are eggs, mayonnaise, chopped onions, and lettuce. There is also cheddar cheese on the ingredients list. For the nutritional facts of each component, as well as tips on how to make this sandwich healthily, I’ve compiled a shopping list for you below.

An Overview

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An easy recipe for a healthy egg salad sandwich begins with eggs, mayonnaise, and onions cooked in your choice of bread. You can make your sandwich like this by substituting half of the bread with fresh tomatoes and/or cucumbers instead. If you enjoy the taste of onions, you may use a small amount of mayonnaise to disguise the taste. A little olive oil or melted low-fat cheese on top makes the sandwich taste incredible. If you enjoy the taste of tomatoes but not the health benefits, replace the tomatoes with reduced-fat tomatoes or reduced-calorie mozzarella instead.

Along with the traditional elements found in a healthy egg salad sandwich, there are some ingredients you might not necessarily expect in a sandwich. Dijon mustard is a popular ingredient for sandwiches, but did you know that it also adds nutritional value to its own right? You can use Dijon mustard in place of mayonnaise to add a unique twist to a sandwich. Dijon mustard is also great to use for bread salads and vegetable dishes such as wraps. Just remember to use the vinegar in place of the wine for maximum health benefits.

Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich

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An avocado sandwich is another healthy egg salad sandwich without mayonnaise. Avocado is a good source of healthy fats and proteins. You can blend the avocado and cream cheese for a very tasty and nutritious sandwich. You can even make the sandwich healthier by substituting half of the oil with the avocado and using fresh garlic instead of the mayonnaise.

Greek yogurt salad is another delicious lunch fix for those trying to lose weight. Greek yogurt is rich in calcium and helps control your appetite. Instead of using mayonnaise for the base of your Greek yogurt salad, try using a reduced-fat yogurt and replacing half of the dressing with Greek yogurt instead. This sandwich is great when paired with a fruit salad or other fruit-based dip.

Did you know you can make a sandwich out of nearly any kind of pepper? Whether you choose Cayenne or chipotle, you can add some zest to your meal with the right peppers. You can find many different types of peppers at your local deli. Try making a sandwich with fresh jalapenos or fresh Serrano pepper. Serve your pepper-filled sandwich with a spurt of olive oil and sprinkle on some oregano or hot sauce for that added zip to your meal.

Did you know you can serve egg salad on its own or as a side dish with pasta? Salads are a healthy choice as the ingredients are usually all whole foods. When making your own salad, you can use a variety of fresh vegetables instead of the tomato that is usually the base of a sandwich. For example, instead of using tomatoes you could use cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, bell pepper or pineapple. As an added zip, you could toss in some cilantro and parsley on top of the vegetables for a spicy twist.

Bottom Line

For the last ingredient, you need to throw in your favorite green onion. You can either use green onions that have been finely chopped or finely ground. When chopping your green onion, make sure you use a sliver of the onion to prevent it from burning when it comes in contact with the heat from the pan. Cook your green onions until they are translucent and then add your egg salad ingredients. Place everything in the blender and blend until smooth and creamy.

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