Healthy Breakfast Sandwich - The Ultimate Egg Breakfast - Healthy Breakfast Sandwich - The Ultimate Egg Breakfast -

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich – The Ultimate Egg Breakfast

healthy breakfast sandwich

Is it possible to make a healthy breakfast sandwich that tastes great? It can be, provided you know what foods to use to replace the unhealthy ingredients and replace them with healthier alternatives. Tofu, for example, is an excellent alternative to eggs in a sandwich because it is a much healthier option. You can also substitute ground beef or turkey for the egg. Swap tofu for veggie bacon, add fresh tomatoes and onion, and vegetarians can enjoy a yummy, healthy breakfast sandwich without the guilt.

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

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At about $2.50 per serving, one is practically as affordable as an egg white omelet and the little gas you have to drive through to get there! There are many other great options for a healthy breakfast sandwich you can make that won’t bust your budget. For about a dollar, you can buy a bagel, a jar of peanut butter, some tomato preserves and a few berries. Mix these three items together, heat up the preserves and add some honey, and you have a delicious breakfast that everyone will love.

For a low fat, protein-filled healthy breakfast sandwich, try substituting the egg for another high protein food, such as fish. If you love fish but don’t want to go on a diet, just substitute half of the egg for fish. Another good choice for substituting an egg is a bean burrito. Just mix together some corn tortilla, bean salsa, lettuce, a small amount of bean (pea, bean, or the bean sprout), and your egg and you’ve got a tasty alternative to the classic egg and cheese.

One of the best things about healthy breakfast sandwiches is that you can eat as much or as little of the toppings you like. A serving of vegetables usually makes a great addition, and you can use them in a variety of ways. You can mix chopped veggies with hummus or some salsa, or you can bake them, dip them in a cheese sauce, or make a sandwich cookie with vegetables and hummus. For something a little different, you can bake your vegetables and use zucchini instead of the cucumbers. In fact, there are so many different combinations you can come up with, it’s almost impossible to name them all in one article.

Easy Ways To Prepare Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

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One of the easiest and most convenient ways to prepare a healthy breakfast sandwich is to preheat your oven and let it preheat before you put anything on it. Preheating your oven will give you browned toast, fresh vegetables, and a great start to your day. To make this task even easier, you can set aside a small amount of extra warm water for your bread. This is especially helpful if you’re making the sandwiches with fruit, which tends to get cold after a while.

The next thing you need for a healthy breakfast sandwich is a sliced whole-wheat English muffin, a lot of sliced deli meat, and a lot of tomato sauce. For the deli meat, you can use ham or turkey. For the tomato sauce, you can use any kind of high-quality, low-fat, real Italian dressing, or a prepared marinara sauce. Once you’ve got those things together, just mix them together, and pop into the oven.

Great Ingredient That Make Your Healthy Breakfast Sandwich Much Healthier

Another great ingredient is an egg, which is really high in vitamin C. An egg is also high in protein, which is essential if you want to get your breakfast sandwich started off right. Other important ingredients include a slice of fresh and raw, whole-wheat bread with no added vegetable toppings (other than the vegetables that were in my previous recipe), and an avocado. When you blend all of these ingredients together, you have a yummy breakfast sandwich. This is a favorite among people who are watching their cholesterol, since the avocado is high in vitamin C, but it is also high in fiber, so adding an additional helping of the fiber-rich avocados will be a good thing.


As for me, I like to eat eggs any time, but the healthy alternatives are hard to find. When I do find healthy alternatives, I prefer to use organic eggs over non-organic ones, since organic eggs contain more vitamins and nutrients. The other great thing about this particular egg breakfast sandwich is the tomatoes and spinach that accompany it. By combining the spinach with tomatoes and an olive oil dip, I have a tasty and healthy sandwich that keeps me full until lunchtime.

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