Family Healthy Dinner Ideas - Dishes Your Whole Family Would Love -

Family Healthy Dinner Ideas – Dishes Your Whole Family Would Love

healthy family dinner ideas

It can be a challenge sometimes to come up with healthy family dinner ideas. You know your kids, you know what they like to eat but you just can’t seem to find a way to make it work. If you have ever been in that position, I would like to offer you five healthy family dinner ideas that you may want to consider using this coming family time.

Vegetables – Whether you like them boiled, broiled, grilled or steamed, and whether they are carrots celery sticks, asparagus spears or carrots, all of these are excellent choices for the family meal. Try cooking them as small as possible and see if you can turn them into a simple meal. This way, you’ll know if they’re cooked and if there’s any kind of tastier way to make them. If they are vegetables, try steaming them instead of boiling or grilling them. In fact, you can cook vegetables with a little bit of salt for a more pleasant flavour. Sprinkle some cheese on top of the vegetables when they’re steamed, either on the top or inside the leaves.

Meat – This one is a no brainer. We’re meat-eaters. We’ve all been in that position at one time where you have the food, you don’t have time to cook, and you don’t like it. When you’re in that situation, the only dinner idea that comes to mind is a fast-food restaurant.

Healthy Family Dinner Ideas

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Chicken breasts and thighs are a good place to start, although you might also cook some skinless chicken breast. If you’re not a big fan of vegetables, add some carrots, celery sticks, beets, radishes or zucchini to the meal. Again, make sure they’re cooked or as tender as possible. Add some salsa to taste and enjoy your healthy meal.

Rice – There’s a reason the Chinese are so healthy, folks. They love their rice. Make it the main dish and serve up some veggies along with it. Not only will this help curb your appetite, but will keep you from eating way too much junk food while trying to be healthy.

Pasta – A healthy part of a family meal is pasta. The best kind is spiral noodles. You can find them in all sizes and flavours, and they won’t fill you up like most junk foods will. Add a fresh tomato sauce, some meat and vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, and beans) and you have a healthy and delicious meal that everyone can enjoy.

Fruit – Another delicious and healthy dinner idea is to serve some fruit. Try out some of your local harvests and give everyone a good helping. Desserts would be a nice idea to round things off. Some of my favourites are fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola bars, and even oatmeal. Your family will love these tasty and filling dishes and you’ll never have to wonder what they were thinking when they ordered burgers and hot dogs!

A Much Ado

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These are just a few healthy family dinner ideas that don’t cost a lot of time and money. Just by adding a bit of variety and focusing on the most important factor – eat! You’ll be glad you took the time to prepare a healthy meal for your family. It will be a win-win situation all around.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard work. You can start small and easy. For example, instead of having the whole family eat dinner at the dining room table, decide to have everyone eat at the kitchen table. It’s much more convenient and the kids can’t eat at their favourite room table. This way they can’t offer their unhealthy snacks to their siblings who don’t want to eat in front of everyone. Remember that your family’s health is always more important than your own so take care of yourself and the kids will take care of themselves.

Healthy family dinner ideas are only limited by your imagination. You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant to enjoy healthy meals. In fact, you can make healthy meals at home and enjoy them as much as you enjoy a great meal out. Why not put together a salad, some pasta, some meatballs, and a baked potato for a healthy and delicious meal? A great way to get your family to eat healthier meals is to serve a baked potato with some low-fat dressing. You won’t taste the fat because the fat is masked by the baked potato.

Bottom Line

With the holidays approaching, there are bound to be healthy family dinner ideas to try. One of the easiest is to have everyone split the bill between them and decide together what their family will be spending on the holiday. If they decide to all chip in, it won’t be as much. This way everyone eats in comfort and doesn’t feel guilty about eating unhealthy food.

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