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Easy Healthy Potato Salad Recipe

healthy potato salad

The healthy benefits of having a healthy potato salad in your kitchen should be obvious to everyone. It is good for you, it is tasty, it is packed with nutrients, and it is good for your body. This healthy potato salad recipe comes from a cookbook that is jam packed with delicious healthy recipes. The reason that this recipe has been a big hit is because of the reasons that so many people love them.

First, let’s start with the healthy potato salad ingredients. This healthy potato salad dressing recipe uses a variety of fresh vegetables to provide some color and flavor to the side dish. Parsley is one of the main ingredients in this recipe, as well as green onions, celery, and a nice heaping helping of carrots. This side dish is a top hit because not only is it tasty but it’s also super easy to make and it is full of nutrition.

Nice Fresh Chopped Spinach

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To make this healthy potato salad, start out by making sure that you have some nice fresh chopped spinach on hand. You can grate about a teaspoon of chopped spinach into a bowl of mixed greens and mix them together. Next, add in some fresh dill seeds and a little lemon juice to the greens. Lastly, add in a small handful of yogurt and let these ingredients soak in the yogurt for about five minutes. You can use a hand blender to gently stir this mixture while it is soaking.

When your spinach and dill potatoes are soaked in the yogurt, it will be time to chop up the remainder of the vegetables. Start out with a medium size head of russet potatoes, about one inch in diameter. You can use a hand or a food processor to cut these potatoes into quarter inch chunks.

First Prepare The Yogurt

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Now, it is time to start putting the yogurt based dressing on the russet potatoes. To make a healthy potato salad dressing, you will want to first prepare the yogurt, your dressing, and your fresh veggies. Place the yogurt and Mayo blend on the bottom of each plate, then place the russet potatoes on top of the yogurt based dressing, followed by your fresh greens. Finally, top with additional mayo and a sprinkling of fresh, dark green lettuce leaves.

The key to this healthy potato salad is to use the yogurt based dressing as a base to build up the rest of the ingredients. Start off with a generous amount of yogurt, which can be softened with some water. Next, you will want to add in your vegetables. These items should include at least one potato of the same size as the potato in the middle, as well as any other vegetables such as red or yellow onions. You can also consider using croutons or lettuce leaves to enhance the taste.

A Brand Of Nonfat Yogurt

As a side note, if you do not have a yogurt brand that you trust, or cannot find, using a brand of non-fat yogurt will also help to create a healthy potato salad recipe. Another ingredient that can help to complete this classic side dish is apple cider vinegar. Either using store-bought apple cider vinegar or creating your own, you will want to add about two tablespoons of this to the russet potato and green leaves. Give this a few minutes to soak and then serve.

With these healthy alternatives to the traditional ways of spicing up potato salads, you can drastically cut down on your daily intake of calories.


The good thing about this is that you can make these kinds of recipes to feed your family for many weeks without it ever feeling like a diet. It is always going to be a welcome addition to any mealtime table.

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