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A Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe That Is easy To Make And Tasty

healthy chicken salad recipe

It maintains well in the freezer for several days, which makes it perfect for those lazy days when you just don’t feel like cooking. You can even serve it as a hearty sandwich, or on crackers as a delicious wrap. Your family will love it and you will love the time you save by not having to cook!

Includes Some Great Flavors

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This healthy chicken salad recipe includes some great flavors such as lemon pepper, garlic, and mayonnaise. Some people use a reduced fat mayonnaise but it really doesn’t matter because you have plenty of fat (not greasy) to give the salad that velvety texture. Using yogurt gives it a nice creamy texture that is good for people watching their cholesterol. Using a yogurt based dressing also gives the salad a smooth texture. If you don’t like the texture of the dressing try using lime juice instead.

This healthy, easy chicken salad recipe is a great recipe for a pick me up lunchtime. It has been loaded with fiber and is loaded with vitamins A, C, and E as well as potassium. The spinach is what gives this recipe its tasty taste, but you can add any kind of leafy greens such as spinach, kale, mustard greens, and turnips. Pick me ups are loaded with zinc, iron, and folic acid. Zinc can help lower your blood pressure and folic acid is great at helping prevent cancer.

Uses Greek Yogurt

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This healthy chicken salad recipe uses Greek yogurt, which has lots of calories and has no fat. Using yogurt is easy since you just use a food processor or a blender to blend it into a smooth paste. Then you just add mayonnaise, chopped onions, celery, and green pepper and mix together until you have a smooth consistency. Add additional amounts of yogurt if you desire a thicker consistency.

This recipe is very similar to the spinach dip that I posted previously in my Healthy Recipe Series. You will just substitute the spinach for the Greek yogurt instead of the mayonnaise. This recipe is great for a party or when serving to kids because it is filled with flavors from the other ingredients.

This recipe is very similar to the spinach dip with the exception that you can substitute the Greek yogurt for the Greek yogurt. This recipe is delicious on its own or served with chips or crackers. To make the recipe a little healthier use Mayo instead of the oil and sprinkle the spices over the mix. This recipe is best eaten with raw sliced pecans. If you do not have pecans use walnuts instead.

Chicken Salad Recipe Is A Good Alternative To Greasy Fried Chicken

For those who are watching their sodium intake this chicken salad recipe is a good alternative to greasy fried chicken. If you don’t like to fry food you can always bake it. When using frozen vegetables, add only enough vegetable juice to moisten them so they don’t stick to the pan. Once baked place on a plate and allow them to steam for about ten minutes to remove all of the excess moisture.

This healthy chicken salad recipe makes a delicious meal that is healthy for you and your family. It has extra flavor from the spices and the chicken making it an easy recipe to replicate at home. The dressing contains no oil and calories to give you plenty to enjoy as well. Serve the meal with crackers to absorb the flavor.

Last Word

When serving, use a serving platter with plates, plastic tableware or disposable plates placed in the coiled shape to provide easy clean up. You can then use your hand to turn out the spinach leaves and serve the chicken salad on top of the lettuce leaves. You can serve the platter with the lemon slices facing out towards the people and serve the other side in the same manner. With the generous portions and a delicious tangy taste that accompany freshness, this recipe will surely satisfy the taste buds as well as the stomach.

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