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5 Healthy Indian Breakfast Snacks

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If you want to have a healthy break in the day, which can also help in reducing stress, try preparing healthy snacks for your family or guests. When they are well equipped with healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes, why waste time, money and effort with packaged, readymade and fancy food items.

An example of a healthy Indian snack that you can prepare without much of a fuss and a long period of preparation is pan fried plain rice. First, dry the rice under a pan. Once it is almost dry, add oil or clarified butter. Then place the rice in a pan and fry it in oil or clarified butter. The oil seals in the taste and the aroma of the spices in the rice. It is another minute cooking that makes a great addition to your dinner.


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An all time favorite Indian breakfast recipe of moms is Halwa which is a luscious dish of spiced rice cooked with whole wheat flour, semolina, raisins and dried mint. You can prepare this healthy dish by making halwa bread from your home. Halwa or masala flavored bread can be bought in different flavors from your neighborhood bakery. You can cut the loaf into rounds and place these round shaped breads on a plate or in a serving bowl.

Another very popular south Indian breakfast recipe is coming soon. This healthy recipe originated from Tamil Nadu in India. It is a traditional delicacy enjoyed by the South Indians all through the year. The recipe is very easy. You can make it by adding some green chillies and ripe bananas to your mix and let them sit for sometime.


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Another dish you can try out in your healthy Indian breakfast recipes from the state of Tamil Nadu is chapatti. Chapati is a thin pancake made of wheat flour, oil and spices. You can cook the chapati in a skillet. If you want to add some extra flavor to the Chapatti you can add a few drops of cinnamon and sugar. This healthy Chapati breakfast recipe from the state of Tamil Nadu is best served with steamed vegetables and steamed rice.

The third on the list is adzuki or gram flour. This is a flower that has a very thin crumb and the main ingredient of many popular Indian snacks and cakes. You can make a delicious meal out of gram flour. For this recipe you will need a half cup of dry jowar flour, one tablespoon of grounded almonds, half cup of gram flour, two teaspoons of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of salt. Cook the jowar flour and gram flour together till the mixture becomes fluffy.

Amber Or Red Chili

The fourth on the healthy list is amber or red chili. This is a fiery Indian preparation which is usually served hot. You will need three cups of dry red chili, one tablespoon of clarified butter, four reconstituted dried chilies, one tablespoon of mango puree and one teaspoon of salt. Cook the red chili and clarified butter over a low heat until the red chili reaches about maintain its fiery nature.

Final Words

The fifth on the healthy snack recipe from the state of Tamil Nadu is kurichai or Ginger ale. This dish is flavored with cardamom, cumin, fenugreek seeds and rock salt. Prepare this curried ginger and cardamom flavored beverage with steamed basmati rice and serve hot.

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