5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss And Stay Fit

5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss And Stay Fit

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Many people choose to lose weight in the easiest way possible. Sometimes they give in to their cravings in the morning after a long night. While having breakfast you can have a sumptuous meal and yet keep with your weight loss goals. Having a healthy breakfast that can keep you energized is what you would have to choose. Something low on fat and high on protein is what experts suggest for weight loss. Here are the top 5 healthy breakfast recipes that are simple yet effective by all means.  

Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss
Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

Ground Turkey With Eggs – One Of The Healthy Breakfast Recipes

There are different recipes that you can choose to cook with ground turkey. One better way to have them would be along with eggs for breakfast. Mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers can be a good addition to eggs that can work wonders for your morning breakfast. 

Every 4 ounces of ground turkey contains about 22 grams of protein. Slow cooking the turkey would be a good idea to have a tasty breakfast. It ranks on top when it comes to healthy meals that can help you to lose weight as it contains omega 3 fatty acids. 

Natural Peanut Butter Sandwich And Shake

Peanut butter made of just salt and peanuts is what is deemed natural. French bread with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter contains about 8 grams of protein. Alternatively, you can use almond milk with one spoon of protein powder and peanut butter. 

It is one of the most effective breakfasts that you can have in a bid to lose weight. By having this, you are not compromising on the food intake or protein content. It also lacks calories that can often contribute to your weight. 

Chicken Breast With Veggies

Often people might not think of chicken as a breakfast option. Considering the amount of protein, it has you may wish to add it to your list of things you can have for breakfast. With this, you can get 19 grams of protein for every 4 ounces. 

Broccoli, fiber-rich veggies, and coriander are some of the options that you can choose to add to chicken breast. This is also among the best healthy breakfast recipes that you can choose to prepare in a short time. 

Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Stay fit
Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Stay fit

Apple, Yogurt, And Black Beans

This may essentially not be a recipe but a healthy option. Apples are high in fiber like black beans. Making a combination of these two and having yogurt at the side can be a good breakfast option. 

Banana Sandwich – One Of The Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Apart from high potassium content they also contain water and fiber to make a good healthy breakfast. Using French bread, you can have a banana and natural peanut butter to make a nice breakfast you can have on the go. 


To lose weight, you must consider a breakfast that is filling, high in protein, low in fat, and carbs. These recipes provide you just that and the energy required to keep going until lunch with no food cravings whatsoever. 

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